Grandparents Summit
Are you a Christian grandparent? You can have an incredible impact on the spiritual direction and destiny of your grandchildren with the right tools and encouragement.

The 2022 Legacy Grandparent Summit is on October 21-22 at CBC.

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Grandparents Summit


Fellowship Center - East


Kim Bruder


A grandparent is uniquely qualified to help children grow in their faith. The Legacy Grandparenting Summit will offer the encouragement and advice necessary to unleash the full potential of grandparents. Attendees will walk away with practical action steps they can immediately take to nurture their relationships with their grandchildren.

Grandparents will hear from world-renowned leaders and fellow grandparents. Featured speakers include:

  • Dr. Michelle Anthony - Family Pastor, New Life Church in Colorado Springs
  • Ian Barnett - Founder, National Grandparent Ministry in Australia
  • Jim Burns - Author and Founder, HomeWord
  • Dr. Ken Canfield - Founder, Grandkids Matter
  • Michelle Watson Canfield - Author, Counselor, Founder of the Abba Project
  • Keith Ferrin - Founder, BibleLife Community
  • Larry Fowler - Founder & CEO, Legacy Coalition
  • Tim Kimmel - Founder & President, Grace-Based Families
  • Darcy Kimmel - Co-Author, Extreme Grandparenting
  • Crawford Loritts - Founder & President, Beyond Our Generation
  • Miles McPherson - Founding Pastor, The Rock Church in San Diego
  • Arlene Pellicane - Author and Speaker
  • Rob Rienow - Founder, Visionary Family Ministries
  • John Stonestreet - President, The Colson Center
  • Rhonda Stoppe - Author and Speaker
  • Tommy Walker - Worship Leader

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