AWANA stands for "Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed." This children's club is designed to teach children God's Word with a fun, clear, and consistent presentation of the gospel each week.

Your child (Preschool - Sixth Grade) will have the opportunity to recite scripture, play games, and meet new friends. This is a great place for kids to grow in their faith - and an amazing opportunity to invite friends.

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AWANA Online: 

AWANA has put together online lessons for us to share with those of you working along at home. Use these to follow allong in your book. Each lesson covers the topics highlighted in each lesson. Use the online room options below to meet up with AWANA leaders. We will post more lessons every few weeks.


Lori Bidwell is available through FaceTime at (920) 379-2756

or send Lori a Friend Request be able to video call her through Facebook Messenger 

Google Meeting Rooms for Spark & T&T:
Google Meeting Room Trek/Journey (by appointment):
Beth Steeves, the Director for Trek/Journey will be at the church in the foyer area at the front of the building (Door #4) prior to CTEAM/SWAT to hear verses in person from 6-6:30

AWANA In-Person Meetings: 

Puggles-T&T are meeting in person from 6:30 PM - 8 PM on Wednesdays during the school year. Children attending can enter in Door #1  as early as 6:15 PM.

Trek & Journey are meeting in person from 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM on Wednesdays and can come in through Door #4. 

COVID-19 Child Drop off Procedure: 

  • Masks are required for all volunteers as well as Sparks and above.
  • One parent, wearing a mask, should come in to drop off and pick up.
  • Screening questions will be asked upon entering the building.
  • Stop at the registration booth to check your kids in. There will be a team to assist you.
  • Kids should go directly to their club.
  • Drinking fountains are currently off in the building.


"Puggles® recognizes the learning ability of young children by introducing biblical precepts at church and drawing children into a greater understanding of God and His love for them!"



"Cubbies® celebrates the spiritual potential of preschoolers by helping them develop respect for God, His Son and His Word. "                                                                                                          

Cubbies: Honeycomb Playlist 



"Sparks® ignites the curiosity of early elementary-age kids to learn about the people and events of the Bible, building a foundation of wisdom for knowing Christ."

Sparks: Year 1 Playlist 

Truth & Training

Truth & Training

"The T&T (Truth & Training) curriculum teaches kids the truth of God's Word, trains them to follow Him and practice His grace."

T&T: Grace In Action Playlist 

Trek & Journey

Trek & Journey

"Trek allows students to dive deep into the Scriptures and answer deep questions for themselves, we allow them to own their faith and discover what they actually believe."  

"Journey® establishes high school students as lifelong disciples through a deep study of God's Word, mobilizing them to live with godly perspective and evident faith. "

Trek: His Story 

AWANA Leaders

Bruce Wiater

Deb Rohrkaste